Futures Event
Wainui 9 Orchard TEAM GOLF Event
Open to girls and boys 15 years and younger on a shortened 9 hole course!

How does TEAM Golf work?
You can register as an individual, we’ll help you join a team or you can create your own team of four!

The format of play is Ambrose. It’s simple, we pair you up and you both hit off the tee. You and your partner get to make a decision, choose the best-positioned ball and continue this process until you can put the ball in the hole! We encourage parents/caregivers to caddy so the whole family is involved!

The length of the course is shortened to suit young golfers. This format creates a fun, low-pressure environment to learn, develop skills and helps kids solve problems together. There’s lots of fun to be had on the day, on the course and in the clubhouse. Be sure to check out our View Restaurant for other refreshments. We are sure you will enjoy the eclectic offerings available. We will be holding a BBQ after the game too! Stay and join us for a fun afternoon! 

Join Wainui Golf Club on Sunday 9th December at 2:00 pm for our first team golf event! For more information please contact hp@wainui.online or simply register here! Members and Visitors welcome!
09 Dec 2018
35 Windmill Drive Wainui Auckland 0992
(09) 444 3437