Frequently asked questions about golf

  • Can I buy a Membership on the LOVE Golf website ?

    No – New Zealand Golf is promoting and advertising membership prices and options on the LOVE Golf website, however any golfers wanting to take up any of the offers can contact the golf club via the website.

  • Can I get a handicap without being a member of a golf club?

    No – to have an official New Zealand Golf handicap you will need to join a golf club

  • I’m just getting into the game and don’t want to commit to one club – what should I do?

    Take up one of the great introductory offers to see if you want to be part of that club

  • Do I get a handicap with an introductory offer?


  • If I join a club how many rounds do I need to play to get my first handicap?


  • If I was a member of a club and re-join using one of the great LOVE Golf offers will my old handicap be reinstated?

    Yes, so long as it hasn’t been more than two years since you were a member, your old scores and record will be reinstated fully

  • Why isn’t every club on the LOVE Golf website?

    It is up to each individual club whether they choose to be a part of the LOVE Golf brand. If the club you really want to join isn’t on the website then you should still feel free to call them to see what sort of membership offerings they have for you.