She Loves Golf Ambassadors
Five outstanding New Zealand women are representing She Loves Golf as Ambassadors. Of vastly mixed experience levels - from novice to world No 1 - these women are committing themselves to golf this November and spreading the word about #SheLovesGolf. Follow them to pick up tips and inspiration throughout November.
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    Lydia Ko
    19-year-old World Golf Sensation
    New Zealand’s favourite, Lydia Ko, has rocketed to golfing stardom and has become the perfect ambassador for golf in this country. Lyds has put New Zealand on the world stage, breaking record after record on her way to the top of the world rankings and now does all she can to grow the game of golf here and around the globe. Lydia would love to see more girls playing golf and her best tip is to make sure you’re having fun and smiling. She grew up on the North Shore where she went to Pinehurst School and now travels the world doing what she loves. Golf.
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    Toni Street
    Co-presenter of Seven Sharp
    Toni is one of New Zealand's best-loved broadcasters. She hosts daily current affairs show Seven Sharp, you can listen to her on The Hits Saturday mornings, and she recently hosted the national spelling Bee “Spellbound”. Toni grew up in Taranaki and in her youth was a representative netballer and cricketer as well as a committed Surf Lifesaver. The "incredibly warm, engaging and intelligent presenter" later moved to Auckland where she married and is now mum to two little girls. Toni intends to get her friends involved with She Loves Golf this time, which she hopes will be a nice break away from their young kids! She’s also planning to test out one of Australia’s courses out with her golf-obsessed Dad.
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    Laura McGoldrick
    Multi-media presenter
    Co-presenter of the Holden Golf Show, the Cricket show and daily video news show NZ Herald Focus, Laura McGoldrick is already a committed golfer. Canterbury born, she moved to Auckland in 2009 to study performing arts before making a move into broadcasting. Laura often plays golf with her husband, New Zealand cricketer Martin Guptill - a keen golfer himself. “I don’t like to lose,” she laughs, “which is why I am getting more and more into my game.”
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    Jamie Curry
    YouTube sensation
    Napier-born Jamie Curry - at just 20 years old - is a true You Tube sensation, whose quirky online videos are watched by over 10 million subscribers across the globe. ‘Jamie’s World’ saw her quickly become one of the best known teenagers in the world. Since finishing secondary school the dazzling digital entrepreneur has concentrated on acting and YouTube - and written a book. Jamie loves golf and played it when she was a small child; her family home is ‘a minute away from a golf course.’
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    Daisy Dagg
    Food Blogger
    It all started when All Black Israel Dagg bought his wife Daisy Dagg a set of golf clubs for Valentine's Day! She’d made it clear she was sick of Izzy playing golf on his days off. New clubs in hand, Daisy now really enjoys playing a few holes from time to time and hitting balls at the driving range when she’s not working on her The Rugby Pantry blog. Daisy is very excited about being a She Loves Golf ambassador, saying: “I believe that woman's golf is on the uprise and we should be encouraging our youth to get active and give golf a try from an early age.” Daisy looks forward to playing more golf, improving her skill set and “one day maybe beating Izzy”!
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    Matilda Rice
    25-year-old Matilda Rice is the winner of the first series of The Bachelor NZ. She is a prominent NZ influencer with almost 100,000 followers on Instagram, and 25,000 on Facebook. Matilda is a big fan of keeping healthy and fit and is always looking for ways to promote this lifestyle through her social media. The warm and charming Influencer grew up on Waiheke Island and loved playing golf with her parents growing up. Apart from visits to the driving range Matilda hasn't played golf in a few years and is looking forward to getting into the game again.