You have finally made it to the green and got the putter in your hand! Whilst you eye up that 12ft put for an amazing birdie you will talk about in the clubhouse for hours afterwards…don’t forget a couple of important things:
  • Try not to step on your playing partner’s line. It’s always pretty important to remember where the balls of your playing partners are and try not to step on the line that their ball will take to the hole.
  • Try to stay out of the line of sight of the person putting.
  • If you’re closest to the hole, you’re responsible for removing the pin, but only if everyone can see the cup clearly. If they can’t, then hold the pin until their putt is on its way to the pin. Then remove it and place it on the green out of the way of any incoming putts.
  • When you do hole out, while you will feel the urge to write down that birdie 3 straight away, there might be a group waiting behind you so move on to the next tee and fill in your scores there.
  • When on the putting green, you can place a marker behind your ball, pick your ball up and replace it back in front of the marker when you are ready to line up your putt.